Is your business based on great client relationships? If this is the case, LinkedIn can be a key tool for keeping those relationships current and healthy. 

LinkedIn's new format will make it even easier to initiate conversations with your clients and prospects. 

Just check your LinkedIn notifications tab each day (this should take less than 1 minute) to keep current. 

What to look for:

- Find out if any of your key contacts has posted an interesting update or article that you would like to 'like'  or comment on.

- Has anyone commented or liked one of your status updates or articles? This is an opportunity to engage and build that relationship.  

- Has one of your key contacts gotten a new job? This should be a red alert for you -  reach out so you can find out if there is an opportunity to build a relationship within their new business and make contact with any connections you have in their former business so you don't lose that relationship. 

Make smart use of LinkedIn's notifications tab and watch your business grow.