As I read LinkedIn's blog by Laura Lorenzetti Soper about people's first seven jobs, I thought about how sometimes our early careers (even if we do something totally different now) can reveal what I like to call a 'golden thread' that connects what we have done to what we do now. 

My golden thread is teaching. Whatever role I've ever had, I have always loved teaching others and seeing them gain confidence and learn new skills.

It is helpful to find and acknowledge your golden thread as it can help you navigate your future path with more confidence and focus. 

Your golden thread can also help you weave a professional story on LinkedIn that enhances your career history and can help diverse career paths make sense to the reader.  

This is one of my favourite bits of the work we do with clients. So far, I have never worked with a client who didn't have a golden thread and many times, they didn't even see it until our work together revealed it! 

Don't ignore your global thread as it may be the best part of you and the bit that sets you apart from everyone else. And surely, that's what you want your LinkedIn profile to do. 

What's your golden thread?