Ted Bauer, an excellent blogger who writes about marketing among other interesting topics, states that C-Suite execs (e.g. CEOs, CDOs, CIOs, etc - you get the idea) don't have time to read the case studies, white papers, blogs, etc that many organisations now produce. 

I would argue that many of us (not only C-Suite execs) don't have time either! In spite of this, I do take the time to read blogs, etc (like Ted's!) that provide interesting, useful information and help me do my job better or keep me informed. 

So I think that's the key - C-Suite execs, their Senior VPs and the rest of us will take the time to read content that makes us think and provides useful information. 

Tip: Please do post your useful blogs on your LinkedIn profile as a 'long-form' post. Viewers of your profile will see that you know your topic and offer useful insights and advice. 

Key takeaway? Think before you produce content. Is it actually useful for your key target market? If not, bin it.